Release Notes – 12/06/2023

New Updates! New Chrome extension features, New metrics, Geolocation updates, API, New alerts

New metrics: Shipping Value and Taxes 

We’ve expanded the way we collect data, and now offer more granularity, especially for e-commerce businesses, where we now record shipping and taxes data from systems such as Recurly, Jotform, Easy Pay, NMI,, Ontraport, BigCommerce and DigiStore24.

Chrome extension – File a report 

File a report feature for Chrome extension has undergone a number of improvements. Before this update, it was not possible to attach any attachments, and now we can easily attach screenshots or videos of situations where you are having difficulties. This way, we can significantly speed up the resolution process even more.

Billing updates 

A recent update has introduced a new column in the Billing section, providing information on the current status of the invoice alongside the total amount paid.

Chrome extension – Clear cookies and cache button 

Along with the previous update, we also added a new “Clear cookies and cache” button. This addition proves particularly useful when we intend to report an error with the extension. 

The standard procedure before submitting a report involves ensuring the extension is up-to-date and clearing cookies and cache. The inclusion of this new button enhances and simplifies this process for a better user experience.

Hubspot Improvements 

Hubspot integration has been rebuilt and we can now process sales with the associated names for each product. Updates will be automatic, and require no extra steps.

Ability to Disable Sales Grouping 

This function allows us to disable the possibility of multiple products being included in the same order. Essentially, depending on your business model, the way you collect data, it’s possible that products from distinct order IDs might be grouped together under the same order ID, which is not the intended behaviour. 

We now possess the capability to handle this information appropriately by deactivating the grouping of sales.

For more details, consult this doc right here:

New Metric BETA: Revenue Forecasting  

Revenue Forecasting are predictions of how much revenue a business will gain in the future, based on data such as previous sales.

Revenue forecasting involves making predictions about the amount of revenue a business is expected to generate in the future, utilizing data such as past sales records. 

The metrics that are part of this feature are as follows: 

  • LTV 30 Days Forecast
  • LTV 60 Days Forecast
  • LTV 90 Days Forecast
  • LTV 6 Month Forecast
  • LTV 1 Year Forecast

If you wish to participate as a beta tester for this feature, please get in touch with our onboarding or support team for additional assistance.

Geolocation report improvements 

The geolocation report has been upgraded to include Deep Mode for Leads and New Leads data., enabling a detailed view of all leads for each country, region, or city.

API enhancements 

Several enhancements have been pushed for the API configuration. Before this update, there were rare instances where we received 0 values for events associated with actual values. We have optimized the processes on how we collect data and, with this release, we have removed all situations that lead to processing events with 0 value.

New Alert 

A new alert has been implemented, notifying them when a significant number of events are detected with UTMs not correctly replaced. An example will represent URLs that include {}. This new update proves highly valuable to have more control over our configuration and to take immediate action. 

New property: Custom Cost 

We’ve added the flexibility to add the cost at Product and Sales levels. Users will have extensive customization options for configuring when setting up COGS on custom products that might not be sent by the platforms they are integrating with.

Updating the cost for a product will automatically apply the changes to all sales associated with that specific product. 

Importing data updates

In this latest release, we are introducing two additional data fields when importing sales events into Hyros, namely Shipping and Cost of Goods.

New Onboarding Checklist 

We’ve introduced a new Onboarding checklist feature designed to benefit all new sign-ups. This functionality assists users in having clear guidance and, simultaneously, maintaining control over the progress of their account setup.