Invoiced integration

To track Invoiced sales please follow the below steps:

1. First navigate from your Hyros account to Settings-> Integrations-> Invoiced and click Create integration

2. Once you Create integration Hyros will prompt you to enter the Name and API Key of the Invoiced account. To complete the integration please go to your Invoiced account to Settings -> Integrations Developers -> Add a New API Key then copy the Name and Secret paste them in the Hyros integration.

3. Once Invoiced is integrated in Hyros click on Edit and copy the Webhook

4. Navigate to your Invoiced account and go to Settings -> Integrations Developers-> Webhooks section.

5. Select New Webhook -> Enter the webhook previously copied from the Hyros integration. Next make sure that the Webhook is Enabled and click on Select Events. The Events you need to have marked will be:

  • payment.created
  • payment.deleted
  • customer.created
  • refund.created

Click Save after selecting the events.

This should conclude the setup. If you have any questions please contact Support or your Onboarding Analyst directly.