Hyros Metrics Guide

Below you have a detailed list of all the metrics that can be found in both the Hyros Reports and the Dashboard quick-reports.

Partial video views

What does this metric represent ? This metric represents the number of times your videos were played for at least 3 seconds, or for most of their duration if it’s less than 3 seconds. With the help of this metric Hyros is able to track your ads that have a video component and display the

Sales Troubleshooting Guide

IntroductionWhen discrepancies arise between Hyros and your sales data platform (e.g., Shopify), it does not necessarily indicate incorrect tracking. All events processed within your sales platform are automatically sent to your Hyros account. This guide outlines common scenarios and solutions to help troubleshoot sales data discrepancies. Initial Setup VerificationBefore delving into specific scenarios, ensure that

Tracking Zoho landing pages

Please note that at this time we are not able to track Zoho checkout pages To track your Zoho landing pages, first copy the universal script below: After you have copied the Universal tracking script please follow the below steps: Now all of your Zoho landing pages should be tracked. If you run a test

Tik-Tok Shops

To integrate Tik-Tok Shops, follow these easy steps: This will complete the integration of the configuration! If you need assistance or if you encounter any roadblocks along the way, please contact the support team.

Google EEA 2024 consent

Google has recently updated its EEA services and policies across the European Union to align with the new European regulation on user consent policy. What does the EEA policy 2024 update actually mean? This typically involves adjustments to data handling practices, privacy policies, and user consent mechanisms to comply with laws like the General Data

How to track funnels without a Thank You page

Typically, the way our tracking setup works, as a rule requires us to always send leads to a thank you page after they have submitted a form with their details, and that thank you page must have Universal script between the header tags so that we track the lead in Hyros. Yet, there are occasions


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Invoiced integration

To track Invoiced sales please follow the below steps: 1. First navigate from your Hyros account to Settings-> Integrations-> Invoiced and click Create integration 2. Once you Create integration Hyros will prompt you to enter the Name and API Key of the Invoiced account. To complete the integration please go to your Invoiced account to