Should I Send Events to an Existing Pixel?

When sending events to Facebook, you have the option to send events to a brand new pixel just for Hyros events OR send them to your existing events inside an existing pixel.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each way, as explained below.

Sending Events to a Brand New Pixel – EASY MODE

This is the easiest way of setting up and is recommended for most users, especially if you want to avoid risking duplication in any way.

If we send events to a brand new pixel, Hyros events are kept completely separated from Facebook’s events. We will create a brand new “Purchase” event in the new Pixel which is unique to that pixel, and totally unrelated to your existing purchase event.

Therefore there is zero chance of Facebook being unable to deduplicate events that come into the same pixel twice, because there will simply not be any cases where the same event is tracked twice in the same pixel for this to happen.

The disadvantage of this set-up is you will need to wait longer for the new pixel to gather data before you are able to begin testing and ultimately use the Hyros events to optimize around your real data, as the events are starting from zero in the new pixel. However in the long run this is much safer and easier to set up.

Sending Events to an Existing Pixel/Event – HARD MODE

As the title suggests, this set-up is more difficult and is only appropriate for users who are comfortable with editing code, and also are able to manually edit the Facebook Purchase event inside the pixel code.

This set-up is designed to allow Facebook to deduplicate events in cases where Hyros sends the same event as Facebook has already tracked.

This allows us to “fill in the gaps” of what Facebook is missing so you are getting the full picture in your existing pixel and optimizing around that.

The advantage of this is you can start seeing the benefits straight away, Your existing purchase event likely already has data, Hyros is just filling in the gaps. This event is likely already being used as the optimization event on your existing ad sets as well, so no changes need to be made there.

The disadvantage is you will be assuming the risk that Facebook will not deduplicate correctly either due to an error in the set-up or an unforseen error with Facebook’s deduplication mechanism, which can potentially damage optimization across your whole account.

If you are uncomfortable with that, please send events to a brand new pixel.