Teachable Checkout Integration

To connect teachable follow the video and written text below:

1- Go to https://app.hyros.com/#/mh/external-services/cart-integration/teachable and complete the Teachable integration

2- Once done click configure and copy the webhook that has been created

3- Login into to your teachable account and select the school you wish to track with HYROS


5- Set the webhook to fire on a NEW TRANSACTION

6- Go to the course you wish to track via COURSE and then go to PAGES and then click EDIT on your thank you page

7- Ad a HTML block and paste this code in the block: <center><p id="hyros-email">{{current_user.email}}</p></center>

WARNING: When adding this code, please make sure the quotation marks are correct, if the code is pasted anywhere else the quotation marks may be changed automatically and the code will not work. Use these examples as a reference:

Correct code:

Incorrect code, notice the difference in the quotation marks here:

This can be difficult to spot, so let the support team know if you’d like us to confirm.

8- Scroll to the bottom of the thank you page editor and check the box to add a custom header code. Paste the Universal Code below into the code area (referred to as a WATCHER script in the video)

This will complete the Teachable checkout integration. Repeat this for all schools and courses you want to track.