Testing Your Webinar Tracking

Perform This Full Test To Confirm You Tracking Is Working Properly for your Webinar Funnel.

Video Guide (Use this with the time stamps in the written guide below.)

Time Stamped Written Guide

Pre Test Checks (00:13)

-Ensure you are integrated with the correct Facebook OR Adword accounts HERE


Step 1 : (00:48) : Ensure your HYROS URL PARAMETER is on every ad in your Facebook Ad manager.

WARNING: If you launch any new ads make sure the parameters are always updated

Step 2 : (02:03) : Create a preview link or test link from Facebook

Step 2.1 : (03:53) IF USING Google Ads repeat this process

Step 3 : (05:52) Ensure links are correctly displaying in the URL of your opt ins and then opt in for your event.

WARNING : ENSURE you do not confuse FBC_ID (our HYROS parameter) with “FBCLID” (Facebooks automatic parameter)

PERFORM CHECK (06:23) : Go to your LEADS TAB.

Confirm that the email has entered the system and has a @TAG with the name of the adset or campaign. The @tag indicates that the ad that was the source of the visit has been tracked.

IF the lead has entered the system with the correct @tag then proceed to PART 2

IF the email does not enter the system at all ensure you completed the landing page set up correctly in STEP 2 : Tracking Your Webinar Registrants.

-Check that your webinar registration page has the UNIVERSAL code in the header

-If NOT using everwebinar ensure that your UNIVERSAL code is on the thank you page of the opt in

-If using Everwebinar ensure you have set up the correct webinar and the UNIVERSAL code in the “web form” and “thank you page” integration areas

IF there was no @tag generated and attached to the lead ensure you completed your ad set up correctly in STEP 1 : Tracking Your Ads

-Check that you are integrated with the right Adwords and Facebook account.

-Then check that your ads have the correct URL parameter.

-Then check that your pages are not redirecting

-Repeat PART 1 if you find an error

-If you cannot fix the issue contact your onboarding rep for help troubleshooting the issue.

PART 2 : TEST A PAYMENT (08:53) 

Step 1 : Using the same email you registered for the webinar with, complete a test checkout. Make sure that this is the same form you set up in STEP 3 : Tracking Your Payments

PERFORM CHECK : Inside your HYROS dashboard go to REPORTING–>SALES. Confirm that the sale has been recorded in the system. You should see your payment with a new $tag and value added to it.

Then click the email. You should also be able to see yourself visiting the checkout page URL underneath the lead clicks. You should also see an IP.

IF the sale has entered the system and you can see the checkout landing page under “clicks” then testing is complete.
You have completed set up. Tag your onboarding manager to start data monitoring and get the next steps.

If no sale has entered the system go back to STEP 3 : TRACKING PAYMENTS and ensure set up has been done correctly.

-Make sure you have set up the correct pages

-Make sure that the checkout has the UNIVERSAL code is in the header of the checkout page. Then make sure the checkout has been integrated with HYROS.

-If an error is found repeat part 3.

-If you cannot find an error consult your onboarding manager.