ThriveCart Integration

If you are using Thrivecart checkout follow the directions below

1- Create a webhook using the THRIVECART INTEGRATION HERE

3- Once the integration appears, click “configure”. Then click “get webhook”.

4- Copy the webhook and go to the “SETTINGS” area in your ThriveCart dashboard

5- Go to “API and Webhooks”

5- Click “Ad Another Webhook”

6- Paste the webhook you copied into the webhook URL

7- NEXT : Return to HYROS and copy your UNIVERSAL script under TRACKING->TRACKING SCRIPTS

8- Return to your Thrivecart dashboard and go to products.

9- Click “edit” on the product you wish to track.

10- When in the product screen go to CHECKOUTS

11- After clicking CHECKOUTS go to tracking

12- Activate custom tracking

13- Paste your UNIVERSAL script in the input box and hit save.

This completes your Thrivecart Integration.

Complete this process on any other products you wish to track and move towards “testing and confirming tracking” at the bottom of this document.