Tik Tok Integration

IF YOU RUN LEAD GENERATION ADS Please review the section below labelled “Lead Generation Ads” as well as the standard setup guide.

Standard Setup Guide

HYROS Tik-Tok URL Parameter: ttc_id=__AID__&ttclid=__CLICKID__&h_ad_id=__CID__

Lead Generation Ads

Please toggle on “Lead Ads Generation” under “Webhooks” as shown here:


Step 1 – Install the Tik-Tok URL parameter 

1. Inside Hyros go to Tracking -> Source links. Scroll down and you will see the Tik-Tok parameters. You can also copy the Tik-Tok parameter just below:

HYROS Tik-Tok URL Parameter: ttc_id=__AID__&ttclid=__CLICKID__&h_ad_id=__CID__

2. Next inside your Tik-Tok account when you create a new Ad at the Ad level, scroll down until you see the URL field and place the parameter at the end of the URL link. This is how the link should look like:

Example: www.hyros.com?ttc_id=__AID__&ttclid=__CLICKID__&h_ad_id=__CID__

NOTE: IF you already have other parameters attached to the URL link, separate the parameters with an “&” sign. This is what the link should look like:

Example:   www.hyros.com?utm_source=example&ttc_id=__AID__&ttclid=__CLICKID__&h_ad_id=__CID__

IMPORTANT! Please note that if you edit an Ad after it has already been published, you will not be able to edit the URL field. The process of installing the parameter must take place before publishing an Ad.

Step 2– Create the integration inside Hyros

1. Inside your Hyros account go to Integrations -> (opens in a new tab)”>Settings -> Integrations -> Configure Tik-Tok -> Add Account. 

2. A pop-up window will appear and you need to enter a name, for example, Hyros. Then click the Tik-Tok sign in button.

3. You will be redirected to the Tik-Tok page where you must to grant Hyros permission to access your Ad accounts. Before confirming permission, make sure you check “Click to Agree to the Platform Agreement”. 

4. Once you click confirm, you will be automatically redirected to your Hyros account where you need to select the Ad account that you wish to track and click Save.

This concludes the integration for Tik-Tok.