Snapchat Ads

Note: Do you already use the  TripleWhale URL parameters? You can go directly to the TripleWhale section at the end of this article.

Snapchat ad parameter: ?snc_id={{}}&h_ad_id={{}}

This completes the setup for Snapchat, please see below for any other optional steps:


Written Setup Guide

Step 1 - Add the Hyros UTM Tracking Parameter

Copy the following Parameter and paste it directly at the end of landing page link set for your ads or when first creating a campaign: ?snc_id={{}}&h_ad_id={{}}

If you have any other utms you want to place on the URL as well, just add an "&" between them. For example:{{}}&h_ad_id={{}}

Step 2 - Test Your Ad

You can test this parameter by going to the "Build a Url Parameter" when configuring or editing an ad:

Select the preview link as shown:

You should then see in the URL our parameter cleanly attached with "snc_id=successful_adSet_id" as shown:

If it does not land on the page cleanly like this then something is wrong, please check the parameters have been placed correctly on the URL and that there are no redirects present that may drop the parameters.

Step 3 - Integrate with Snapchat

Go to your integration settings inside Hyros or click HERE to go directly to the Snapchat integration settings. Name the integration.

Log in with Snapchat and select the organization and ad account you would like to track with.

We also recommend checking that your Hyros timezone matches your timezone for your Snapchat ad account. You should be asked to change this once the integration is complete, but you can check your Hyros timezone in your profile settings HERE.

This concludes the Snapchat setup.



  • TripleWhale Snapchat URL parameter: scadid={{}}

If you already have  TripleWhale parameters installed in all your active Snapchat ads, there is no need to follow the steps above. You just need to integrate your Snapchat account from here.

Optional Steps

Manually Importing Ads 

This is especially useful if you have any awareness campaigns where a call to action button is not present or traffic isn’t being sent to your landing page.

Normally, as soon as a click event is tracked from an ad, it is automatically imported into Hyros along with the costs and other relevant information. However, if there is no click event to be tracked, you will need to import the ad manually into Hyros in order to receive the costs from that source.

NOTE: This will NOT enable you to track view through conversions or associate any ads without a call to action button with purchases. It WILL allow you to track the costs associated with the ads.

To configure this, simply go to your Snapchat integration, click configure and click “Import” as shown here: