Tracking Twitter Ads

Please follow this guide to track any call to action links on your Twitter Ads.

Video Guide:

Please copy the Hyros Tracking Parameter here and place it at the end of your call to action links with the ad group ID attached in front of the “=” symbol: ?twt_id=

This completes the setup for Twitter.


Written Setup Guide

It is important to take into account Twitter does not allow editing Tweets at the Ad level, mainly because their categories are organized in a different way than in other ad platforms and instead of using a Campaign > AdGroup> Ad hierarchy Twitter uses Campaign > AdGroup and then 4 independent categories depending on which ad you want to release (Targeting Criteria, Promoted Accounts, Promoted tweets, Media Creatives). Our team is actively working to find the best way to integrate Twitter ads at the AdLevel (or equivalent).

In order to integrate your Twitter sources with Hyros, new Ads have to be configured so we can edit their destination link and include the necessary tracking parameters, please follow the steps described below.

1- Configure and draft the campaign and ad group you want to advertise. Please do not publish it right away because you will not be able to add or adjust our tracking parameter after publishing.

2- Go to your Ad Manager and find the Ad Group that was drafted. Here you will be able to see the ad group ID, which is a details we are going use to generate the tracking parameters and identify the traffic that arrives to the page through the Tweet we want to advertise.

Then add the ad group ID to the end of our tracking parameter: ?twt_id=

In this case, if the ad group ID is "38108611" then the full tracking parameter you will need to copy is ?twt_id=38108611.

3- Proceed to create a new tweet and add the tracking parameter with the ad group ID at the end of the Call to action link.


We want to drive people to our store , in this case the new Tweet that will be advertised must have the following link in it:

4- Once the new Tweet is created we can go back to the Campaign > Ad Group setup, select the Tweet and publish when ready.

And that's it! This concludes Twitter ads integration! Now when a user clicks on the link in the Tweet they will be directed to the desired page, after this the installed tracking parameters will be identified by our Hyros Universal Script which will attribute the appropriate source to the event.