This is part of the Hyros analytics suite. In order to use these reports please activate the Hyros analytics suite in your account.

Using trend reports allows you to see ads performance and trends over time. You can check performance from days to months using one of the following attribution models: Last click, Scientific, or Depreciation

Trends report is also very useful if we want to see Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) performance over time.

What is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) 

CAC is the cost related to acquiring a new customer. In other words, the Cost to Acquire Customer is an average of the total ad spend and the cost of the new sales (hard costs) over the new customers generated by your ads. 

Note: Please keep in mind not all systems send us the hard costs data (taxes, shipping). For more details regarding hard costs, contact in app support or your onboarding analyst.

How CAC is calculated? 

For example, if in a given time frame, the cost is $1000 and our unique customers (column associated with new customers) are 100, the CAC result will be $10, meaning that each unique customer costs us $10.