Google AUTOMATIC Set-Up Guide

Google Ads AUTOMATIC Set-Up Guide

Important! If you run Shopping ads, please note that Google’s automatic setup does not cover this type of ads.
For Shopping ads we use a different type of parameter and the setup has to be done manually at the Ad group level. Please make sure to use this parameter:

STEP 1: Go HERE and integrate with Google. Login to Google to complete the integration.

STEP 2: Find the account you want to track in, then click “config automatic”:

STEP 3: Once your ads are loaded select them all by checking the high checkbox. Then hit confirm and then confirm once more.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is auto2-1024x641.png

STEP 4: Confirm your tracking by creating a preview link following THIS GUIDE. Click the link and ensure that your link has our tracking parameter and the campaign ID in the link. It should appear cleanly in the URL.

The url below is an example of a clean parameter. It should appear exactly like it does below.

If your final url is not showing the parameter or is messy use the troubleshooting guide below.

Trouble Shooting

IF your final url does not show the parameter at all make sure you are not using a redirect like

IF your final url show the parameter in a messy way such as “%%gc_id%=214234” make sure you did not put a “?” before the parameter AND if you added it to existing UTM make sure you placed “&” before it.

IF the parameter will not show after the steps above contact your onboarding rep on Facebook OR use support via the live chat in the lower right hand corner of this page and say “My Facebook ad URL parameters are not working”.