Bigcommerce Store Setup

Video Guide:


Step 1 – Install the Universal Script inside Bigcommerce

1. Inside Hyros go to Tracking Scripts -> (opens in a new tab)”>Tracking -> Tracking Scripts -> Get script -> Copy script. Alternatively, you can copy the script below. 

2. Next go to your BigCommerce account. Select Storefront->Script Manager->Create Script. Inside Create Script section, follow these next steps:

  • Fill in “Name of the script” and “Description”;
  • Set “Location on page” to header;
  • Select All pages for “Select pages where script will be added”;
  • Script category – Targeting Advertising; 
  • Script type -> Script. Paste the Universal Script.
  • Click “Save”.

Step 2 – Create the integration inside Hyros

1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Configure BigCommerce -> Create New Integration;

2. Fill in a name for the integration. For “Access token” and “Store hash” we need to go back to your BigCommerce account. 

3. Inside your BigCommerce account go to Advanced settings -> API Accounts. 

4. To setup API accounts, follow these next steps:

  • Fill in the Name field with Hyros;
  • Set the following to “Read-only”: Customers, Information & Settings, Orders, Order Transactions, and Products. 
  • Click Save.
  • Once you click Save, it will automatically download a txt file containing the Access Token and the Store Hash, among other data. Also, a popup will show up with the Access token details. 

5. Copy the Access token, go back to your Hyros account and paste it inside the Access token field. 

6. Next go back to your BigCommerce account and copy the Store hash details. The store hash can be found in 2 places:

  • Inside your Bigcommerce account, you need to go to the URL link and copy the store hash. In this example, this is the store hash: 4pd5jpefmh

  • You can also find the store hash in the file you just downloaded after saving the API. For example, this is the store hash: 4pd5jpefmh

7. Once you copied the store hash go back to your Hyros account, paste it inside the Store hash field and click Save integration. 

That concludes the Bigcommerce setup.