Tracking Recurring Sales and Subscriptions

In HYROS recurring sales can create issues if not tracked properly because they will show up as new sales when your processor sends in the purchase information. Not to worry though, by default HYROS will automatically track any sales that are duplicated after 30 days or 1 year of the initial sale and mark them

Using Report Filters

Hyros allows you to filter your reports in great detail. Follow this guide to learn how to use report filters to answer different questions about your business.   Filters Explained Filters in the “Sales Details” Tab The “sales details” tab allows you to see a list of all of your sales/leads/calls and dive into each

Organizing Mass Data

Depending on how many ads, product and traffic sources you have you may need to organize HYROS by using our group layer feature. The most basic feature is to organize your Facebook assets by their campaigns by using the Category group. You can also organize your sources by their traffic source by using the TRAFFIC

How To “Deep Dive” Into Your Sales and Lead Data

This guide will show you how to dive deeply into your ad reports and find the small critical details of your customer’s behaviour. Deep Diving 101 When you have loaded up a report in the columns area you will see this icon for every source in the sales column. Clicking it will take you into

Using Tags To Track Customers and Viewing their Journey

This guide will show you how to use tags to organize and track your customers’ journeys. What Are Tags And How Are They Used At HYROS we track your customers using 3 different tags. It is important that you understand the difference between these tags because they all represent very different things. There is now