Using Report Filters

Hyros allows you to filter your reports in great detail. Follow this guide to learn how to use report filters to answer different questions about your business.

To access report filters, just click reporting > reports > show advanced options.

Filters Explained

Ad Accounts

Select any of your Google or Facebook ad accounts to only show sales that have an ad source from that selected account. This is helpful if you want to zoom in on a specific ad account’s data.

WARNING: Sales are often linked to ads from multiple ad accounts, so some sales may be attributed to a different ad account depending on the attribution mode selected. Please be aware of this when filtering sales by ad accounts.

Source Categories

You can assign a category to each source by editing your source links inside tracking > source links and then filtering sales by the associated source categories. Use this to search for sales from a particular campaign, or assign categories yourself to better categorize your sources and read them in the reports. For Facebook sources, the category will be the campaign name of the ad by default.

Traffic Sources

Filter by traffic sources to find out which sales came from a particular traffic source such as Facebook, Google, Email or organic.


Inside tracking > source links you can choose goals for your source links, and then filter by these for the reports. For example, you can filter to see all sources with a goal of “Hyros calls” and which sales/calls are associated with those sources.

Source Name

Each source link has a source name, you can filter sales that are associated with a particular source by typing in the source name here.

Product groups

Products can be assigned a category in order to better filter products inside the reports. Use this for example to filter products by call products, or products that come from a certain funnel.

Learn how to assign product categories to your products here.

Product tags

Filter by “$tags” or “sales tags” to generate a report for a specific product, or a few different products of your choice.


Filter sales by associated “!tags” or “action tags” here. This will help you focus on sales linked to a specific part of the business that the lead interacted with, such as an opt-in, Shopify store, checkout software, payment processor or any other software the lead interacts with.