Release Notes – 08/09/2022

New Update! Improvements to Paypal and Shopify Tracking, Conversions Rules for Tik-Tok, Pinterest Integration Updates and More PayPal Tracking Improvements now Functional for BOTH Paypal Integrations We released a workaround to allow us to track Paypal sales much more accurately on our last update, however this was only available for the Paypal Legacy Integration. Now

Release Notes 07-26-2022

HUGE UPDATE : Giant New E-Com Reporting Features, Attribution Models, SalesForce Upgrades, Direct Call Tracking and Paypal Made Easy! PayPal Tracking Improvements We have implemented some improvements that now allow us to workaround the paypal issue, and track the sale correctly even if the Paypal email does not match with the lead’s previously tracked emails.

Release Notes 07-12-2022

Exporting Data Ad Level Exports are now available for Google Sheets. This will allow you to export data at ad level either as a one time or scheduled report to Google sheets. To do so, when exporting your report, select “ad source link” before exporting to Google as shown here:  ​ ​ Integrations Facebook Lead