Date of Click Attribution

This feature is to be used when we want the whole journey of a user to be shown based on the click made on the selected date or time-frame:

In our example we will be pulling data from 04/01/2023 to 04/13/2023 but the attribution will be affected by our Date of Click Attribution filter, if a user’s click took place on 04/05 and then a purchase was made by that same user on 04/10 the sale is not going to appear on the data for 04/10 (date of the sale) as it normally would, but on 04/05 because that’s when the click was registered.

We can customize timeframes and filters as required but it is very important we take into account how the data is affected when activating our Date of Click Attribution mode.

The same feature/filter s available from our Hyros Chrome Extension with the label Day of Attribution: