Release Notes – 04/24/2023

New updates: UX Improvements on Quick Reports, API updates, Ad-Level report Exports, Hyros Setup Extension updates

UX Improvements on Quick Reports

The UX has been improved. To improve the visibility of all widgets the attribution model can be seen like in the image below:

Attribution API Improvements

These improvements have been added to the GET /v1.0/attribution endpoint and it will allow sending Organic options similar to how we are able to trigger the reports inside the application. 

The new property is organicOptions and it can have one of these three possible values: 

  • include_organic
  • ignore_organic
  • only_organic

For more information on how to set this up, please see this guide:

Sales and Calls API Expansion

With this new release we are able to delete both Sales and Calls directly from the public Hyros API via the two new endpoints:

For more information on setting this up, please see this guide:

Performance Improvements on Quick Reports

Several improvements have been made to the dashboard. Quick reports should load significantly faster, especially for high amounts of data. 

Ad-Level report Exports

Just like with most other report types, you can now export Ad level reports to a CSV file, including unique metrics such as 30-90 Day LTV.

For more information on how to export reports, please see this guide:

First Click on Quick Reports

Quick reports gets even more advanced. Prior to this update, we could only display reports using the scientific and the last click attribution model. Now, you can display data in First Click metric inside your main Dashboard.

Hyros Setup Extension (HSE) updates

The most optimal way of tracking traffic properly on your funnel is by having the Universal script as high up as possible in the header area in your HTML page. 

Now, with this new update, when you test your newly released funnels with HSE, it will check if the script has been placed in the most optimal way in the HTML. 

To test tracking on your funnels, follow this link