Organizing Data

This post will show you the basics of organizing your data in HYROS so that it is easier to read.

Organizing Data To Answer Hard Questions

Depending on how many ads, product and traffic sources you have you may need to organize HYROS by using our group layer feature.

The most basic feature is to organize your Facebook assets by their campaigns by using the Category group. You can also organize your sources by their traffic source by using the TRAFFIC source group.

OR you could layer them by their traffic source and THEN category to see all ads by traffic source and THEN organize by campaign name.

OR maybe you have multiple ad accounts and only want to look at the results of specific accounts. To do this you can organize by account.

We Can Get REALLY Advanced Here

For example let’s imagine you have a book you are selling and 25% of your ads are dedicated to selling this book.

You may want to see : How many book sales were generated by ads meant to sell this book and how many were generated from non related ads.

You could answer this question by layering your ads by GOAL. You could then use the advanced feature to limit the chart to only show book sales. You could then HYPER organize this by layering in by TRAFFIC source.

These groups are all controlled from your source links tab ( By default your source links will be grouped by traffic source, ad account and category (which will be the campaign name for Facebook). However, you can also group the source links by groups or alter any of the other groups mentioned already (traffic and category).

We will get into this more in the advanced use section. Most of what I just mentioned is NOT needed for 95% of users.

Let’s Go Over Basic Organization.

Congratulations! You have FULLY completed your HYROS basic training.

We HIGHLY suggest you spend 1-2 weeks just applying this basic training before moving onto any thing in the Advanced Use section. It is a VERY deep platform and you should get comfortable with it first.

Once you feel that you are ready move to the Advanced Use section. We suggest you start HERE with the “Using Tags To Track Your Customers” doc and work your way down the side bar list.

If you would like to see advanced ways to organize mass amounts of data you can skip to this doc HERE.

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