Adjusting Your Dashboard (Quick Reports)

Please see the following video to learn the basics on how to use the Quick Reports dashboards: Use-Case Examples For Quick Reports There are many different ways to use Quick Reports Views to view important data for your business, before trying to do anything more complicated, we highly recommend viewing our organizing mass data guide

Adjusting Tracking Domains

Why Adjust your Domain? Although Hyros is the best tracking software on the market, our tracking capabilities can still be limited when users utilize anti-tracking software. Issues with this should be rare, but they will vary depending on your unique business and audience. This feature was designed to minimize the damage of anti-tracking software so

Account Settings

This guide will give you a brief explanation of each tab inside your account settings, which you can access HERE. Profile Emails This is not a True Tracking Feature. Please disregard this if you have a Tracking account. Billing Domains This is not a True Tracking Feature. Please disregard this if you have a Tracking

Add A HYROS Account For Yourself Or A Client

In order to add a new account for yourself or a client follow the instructions in this video. If you are an approved agency you can also receive a commission by entering your First Promoter code. You may apply to get referrals for your agency here. Please use the first promoter guide in the video

Organizing Data

This post will show you the basics of organizing your data in HYROS so that it is easier to read. Organizing Data To Answer Hard Questions Depending on how many ads, product and traffic sources you have you may need to organize HYROS by using our group layer feature. The most basic feature is to

Using HYROS To Save Money

This guide will show you the basics of using HYROS’s data to instantly begin saving money on your ad campaigns. Using Reports To Eliminate Waste Finding your “100% bad ads” is even easier than finding your sale sources. The best way to do this is to order your ads by the COST column. Then skim

Using Hyros To Grow Ads

This will post will show you the basics of using HYROS’s data to grow and scale your ad campaigns. Using HYROS Data To Scale Your Ads Scaling your ads with HYROS data is shockingly easy. In the video below I will cover this in great detail. Here’s a summary though. When you want to scale

Start Here – HYROS Basic Training

This is the “starters guide” section of HYROS. Before we begin or you do ANYTHING, please understand this HYROS can do SO many advanced things. It can update the AI pixels of your ad platforms. It can track all your social media sales. It can track your email marketing. It can even create algorithms to