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This guide will show the basic of using HYROS and how to understand the data collected on the platform.

Welcome To HYROS! Let’s Begin

This is the “starters guide” section of HYROS.

Before we begin or you do ANYTHING, please understand this

HYROS can do SO many advanced things. It can update the AI pixels of your ad platforms. It can track all your social media sales. It can track your email marketing. It can even create algorithms to treat certain traffic sources differently.

HOWEVER UNDERSTAND : That if you just master the basics of HYROS you can easily see very large gains in your ad ROI and dramatic savings in wasted ad spend.

There for we HIGHLY SUGGEST : You take your time and learn the basics of HYROS first in this section (USING HYROS) before moving onto the advanced use section.

We also HIGHLY SUGGEST : That you make sure that your basic ad tracking is working before attempting to ad any other tracking points such as social media, email or AI pixel conversion training.

The BEST way to do this is to wait for your onboarding manager to confirm your tracking is working perfectly.

While you wait (or are getting started) Go through the videos in this section below (or in the side bar) to see the basics of using HYROS.

AGAIN WE STRESS : Even the basics of HYROS will yield HUGE results. The basics can be mastered in about 10 minutes of video watching and will get you 80% of your results HYROS.

Even with the most basic of use, your tracking and attribution decisions will be light years ahead of where they used to be. That’s because we have done all the advanced hyper techy stuff in the background for you.

HYROS is all about making tracking simple, so do not feel pressured to do anything complicated. Just focus on the simple tactics in our “HYROS basics” guide.

Once you have completed this section move to “Advanced Use” to learn about all the ninja hyper cool stuff our platform can do. We suggest learning and applying one “ninja” thing at a time.

The best place to start is with this video.

What Now? Click below to go to the next video where we will show you how to check your sales.

WARNING : If your tracking has not been confirmed by your onboarding rep yet the data will not always line up with your systems. Don’t worry, you can still learn about the platform while we monitor your data.

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