How To Grow A Webinar Funnel With HYROS

Please ensure you have completed and verified your initial Webinar funnel set up in our EASY set up section.

In this guide we will focus on how to use the basic functionality of HYROS to greatly improve the ROI of a webinar funnel. We will be focusing on growing ads profitably WHILE reducing waste.

If you master the basic functionality in this guide your ads and their return will grow immensely.

The first two videos are optional but HIGHLY recommended.

Step 1 : How Webinar Tracking Works

Step 2 : The Tracking Errors That Destroy Webinar Funnel ROI

Step 3 : Reading Reports For Webinar Funnels

Video Cliff Notes

After setting up HYROS give HYROS 2-3 days to track your funnel and collect enough data.

THEN load up a report with the best practices below

-Try to load up at least 7 days of data

-Ensure you have the following columns activated. Revenue, Reported, Reported vs Revenue.

-Used the advanced features button on the board to view only ONE ad account at a time. This will make reading your results much easier. If you do not you will display your entire business all at once.

Step 3.1 : How To Quickly Edit Your Ads Using HYROS

Step 4 : Using This Data To Scale

Video Cliff Notes

When scaling webinar ads use these rules of thumb

#1 : Scale ads based on ROI first AND NOT COST PER OPT IN

Many times business owners turn off ads just because the cost opt in is a little high. Be sure to make sure these ads are not generating closes before turning them off.

Also look at the revenue and ROI columns for this.

Now that you can accurately track the true ROI of your campaigns, use this instead of Cost Per Opt In to scale or turn off campaigns.

#2 : Make sure to scale ads based on their TRUE SALES ROI

Many time Facebook and Google will miss sales due to how long term webinar tracking needs to be. Use HYROS to find ads that are UNDER REPORTING calls.

Compare your REVENUE and REPORTED columns to see what HYROS caught VS what your ad platforms caught (REPORTED). If they have a good ROI, scale them!

Google and Facebook will often miss the sales that ads generate. Be sure to use HYROS to spot your true calls and scale them up if they have a good ROI. Use your REVENUE and REPORTED columns to compare tracking results.

Step 5 : Using This Data To Save

Video Cliff Notes

To save a ton of ads use these rules of thumbs:

#1 : The easiest ads to turn off are those with no sales on your ad platforms or in HYROS.

You can finally stop guessing and turn these off. Find ads with no sales on HYROS or on FB/Google and turn them off ASAP!

#2 : Google and Facebook will miscredit sales

Watch out for ads reporting sales in the wrong places. Google and Facebook can easily take credit for each other OR organic sales.

Platforms can easily miscredit sales due to view-through conversions or taking credit for other sources. Use HYROS to ensure the source ACTUALLY generated the sale.

Step 6 : Using Scientific Mode For Scaling

Step 7 : Calculating A Calls LONG TERM Value

Inside Hyros there are a few different ways to view your LTV depending on the type of questions you want to answer. For more detailed information on how to load our different LTV reports see this guide HERE.

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