Using HYROS To Save Money

This guide will show you the basics of using HYROS’s data to instantly begin saving money on your ad campaigns.

Using Reports To Eliminate Waste

Finding your “100% bad ads” is even easier than finding your sale sources.

The best way to do this is to order your ads by the COST column. Then skim through your ads and find the ones with a negative ROI and LESS revenue than their COST.

We then highly suggest you deactivate or lower the spend on these ads.

Most clients have about 15-20% of completely wasted ad spend in their accounts. Reducing this or lowering ads to a more profitable scale can instantly increase profit margins.

Remember : You can pull the Adset ID or Campaign ID by clicking the traffic source icon on the right side of the board. You can also display these IDs in columns. Use these IDs to quick find the ads you wish to turn off. Then just turn them off!

Watch Me Eliminate Waste In This Account

Congratulations. You have now mastered the two most important things HYROS does. Identifying winning ads and losing ads.

The last step in your HYROS basic training is to learn how to organize the data so that it is a bit easier to read and look at as a whole.