Partial video views

What does this metric represent ?

This metric represents the number of times your videos were played for at least 3 seconds, or for most of their duration if it’s less than 3 seconds. With the help of this metric Hyros is able to track your ads that have a video component and display the view time.

Where can i see this data in Hyros?

This data is available in your Hyros reports or under the Partial video views collumn. You can enable this collumn at will once generating a report from the collumns menu:

How many seconds does it take for each Ad platform to be considered a view ?

Please check the below details on the duration needed for the data to be present in the metric collumn:

Ad platformDuration to be cosidered a view
Meta Ads2 seconds
Google Ads10 – 30 seconds
TikTok2 seconds
Snapchat2 seconds
Bing2 seconds
Pinterest3 seconds
LinkedIn2 seconds
Twitter2 seconds