Sales Troubleshooting Guide

When discrepancies arise between Hyros and your sales data platform (e.g., Shopify), it does not necessarily indicate incorrect tracking. All events processed within your sales platform are automatically sent to your Hyros account. This guide outlines common scenarios and solutions to help troubleshoot sales data discrepancies.

Initial Setup Verification
Before delving into specific scenarios, ensure that all steps in the Initial Setup document have been followed. Correct setup is crucial for accurate data tracking.

Common Discrepancy Scenarios

  1. Hard Costs
    : Discrepancies due to hard costs not processed by Hyros.

Explanation: While Hyros processes hard cost events from your sales platform, we only account for shipping costs and fees sent by the platform. Any discrepancies might be due to additional hard costs not transmitted to Hyros.

Solution: Verify which hard costs your sales platform is sending to Hyros. Ensure that all relevant costs are included.

  1. Different Channels
    Issue: Data mismatch due to multiple sales channels.

Explanation: Hyros tracks various channels, such as online stores and POS systems. Comparing only online store data with Hyros data may exclude POS data, causing discrepancies.

Solution: Compare the total data from all sales channels tracked by Hyros with the corresponding data on your sales platform.

  1. Refunds
    Issue: Discrepancies caused by refund timing.

Explanation: Refund events are recorded on the date of the original sale, not the refund date. This can lead to discrepancies when reports are run for specific dates.

Solution: Ensure that the report range includes both the sale and refund dates. For accurate reporting, compare data across a broad date range.

  1. Timezone Differences
    Issue: Inconsistent time zones between platforms.

Explanation: Data comparison requires both Hyros and your sales platform to be in the same time zone. Discrepancies arise if time zones differ.

Solution: Align the time zones in Hyros, your sales platform, and ad platforms. Do not change the Hyros time zone to avoid tracking errors.

  1. Recurring Sales
    Issue: Confusion between different revenue metrics.

Explanation: “Revenue” and “Recurring Revenue” in Hyros do not represent all sources of revenue. Comparing these with total revenue from your sales platform may lead to discrepancies.

Solution: Use the “Total Revenue” column in Hyros for accurate comparison with your sales platform’s total revenue.

  1. Reading Reports Incorrectly
    Issue: Reports missing organic traffic data.

Explanation: Reports without organic traffic exclude some sales events, leading to incomplete data.

Solution: Enable organic sources in Hyros following the provided guidelines to ensure all sales events are included in the report.