Release Notes – 01/03/2024

New Updates! New Search bar in Reporting, Calendly improvements, Pinterest updates

Dashboard updates

With the recent design update, the dashboard has undergone modifications too. The widget button has been moved to a new location, making it easily accessible whenever you want to create a new widget.

Shipping and taxes metrics

In the latest release, we introduced Shipping and Taxes metrics for various systems. Now, we are expanding this portfolio to include GoCardless, Pipedrive, and ClickBank.

Calendly improvements

We have revisited and enhanced a recent scenario in Calendly where not all event types were being recognized. As a result, we have improved the system to ensure accurate processing of booked calls from any event type.

New Search bar in Reporting

Navigating through reports has become simpler. We’ve implemented a new filter within the reports, making it more convenient to locate specific campaigns.

Pinterest integration updates

We have implemented enhancements to the Pinterest integration to prevent instances where time zone discrepancies may occur when gathering statistics from the ad account. 

Import old data with Stripe and Shopify BETA 

This was not possible until now. With the launch of this new release you can now upload past sales data (from before adopting Hyros) for up to 365 days. This feature is not currently active but will be accessible in the upcoming weeks.