Release Notes – 04/24/2024

New updates! Analytic suite updates, Kajabi integration enhancements, Invoiced and more

Geo location, Customer Journey and Cohort reports

This latest update version fosters greater synergy within reports and introduces more advanced reporting features.. Within the ad performance reports, where we have the popular Last click, First click, Scientific mode reports, we’re integrating Geolocation, Customer Journey and Cohort Reports. These additions provide even more detailed data, empowering better decision making.

Please note that you will only have access to these updates if you have the Analytics Suite activated. If you’re unfamiliar with the advanced reports in the Analytics Suite, you can test them for 7 days directly from your Hyros account here

Search report bar 

With the recent user interface update, the search bar for reports has returned, making it effortless to locate recent reports.

Kajabi Integration enhancements 

We’ve implemented a new improvement to our Kajabi integration, allowing us to begin receiving recurring sales, offers, and discount events.

Deep Analytics update 

We consolidated the UI for Sales details, Lead details, and subscription details into a single location, now featuring a centralized Deep Analytics button.

Invoiced integration updates

With this update, all users on the Invoiced platform will gain the capability to receive recurring payments.

Geolocation updates

The Geolocation reports within the Analytics Suite have undergone a complete overhaul to align with the other reports. They now receive attributed information and offer standard source filtering options.

WooCommerce updates

This latest update grants all WooCommerce users to remove IP addresses from events.

This feature proves beneficial in cases where we receive inaccurate IPs through integration, potentially leading to misattribution.

All you need to do is access the WooCommerce integration in Hyros and turn this toggle ON

Facebook Lead Ads updates

We’ve introduced a fresh update for the AI Pixel, focusing particularly on Facebook Lead Ads. Now, users have the option to enable or disable the transmission of Facebook lead ads as offline conversions to their pixel.

To make use of this feature, simply navigate to the Facebook integration within the Conversions tab and toggle the setting accordingly.