Release Notes – 04/10/2024

New Reporting updates

We’ve overhauled the reporting section entirely, and you can now access all the reports from here.

Google Performance Max updates

An unusual situation where certain Performance Max campaign names were incorrectly displayed within the app has been successfully addressed, and now the names appear correctly in reports.

UI Profile updates 

The Profile section has undergone recent UI enhancements, resulting in a more structured and organized layout for our personal and account information.

With the latest update, filtering options within reports have been enhanced. Additionally, it’s now possible to filter ads at the ad level directly from this section.

NEW:  Create Report and Recent Reports dropdowns 

This exciting new update enables us to generate reports, view recently generated reports, and access saved reports conveniently from any section of the app.

New: Edit Report Name

We’ve introduced a feature that lets users rename their reports, making them easier to locate within the saved or recent reports sections.