Release Notes – 03/27/2024

New updates! Offline conversions updates, Chrome extension improvements, Login activity

NEW: Login Activity

With the launch of this release, we have improved security and transparency for Hyros accounts. Through the Login Activity feature, users can now access comprehensive information about all sessions, including details such as devices used, location, and the timing of the last session.

Deep Mode Leads updates 

Prior to this update, if we generated a report where we had more than 10,000 leads displayed and we wanted to go into Deep mode to see this type of traffic in detail, this was limited to 10,000 events.  We’ve since revamped this limitation, allowing unrestricted viewing of data within the report.

New Filter option

With this new filtering option, we can now specifically filter leads that are associated with child leads.

Chrome extension improvements

Before this release, some users encountered challenges in accurately displaying data on specific types of Google ads, such as Performance Max, for instance. Now, we’ve implemented the essential updates to seamlessly display the data.

Offline conversions updates

We have improved the way we read data for offline conversions sent, especially for events grouped as orders. We have now added the Grouped as orders column, where you can view the precise status of the sent orders. 

This update has been implemented across all ad platforms that send events as offline conversions.