Release Notes – 03/13/2024 #2

New Upates! Direct Call Tracking updates, Hubspot improvements, Offline conversions, Hyros Chrome Extension

New: Direct Call Tracking Improvements

The direct call tracking function has been completely revised with a completely new design and has been split into Dynamic Pool of numbers and Static numbers. 

To effectively track direct call links, whether they are specific links or numbers embedded on third-party pages, please refer to the updated documentation 

New: Direct Call Tracking – Apply action tags based on call duration 

If understanding the stages your leads reach during a call is crucial for your business, this new feature enables us to apply action tags based on the duration of the call. This functionality enables us to include multiple action tags corresponding to different stages of the call.

Follow the Assign tags based on call duration section for more details

Lead details 

Enhancements have been made to the lead details, providing even more functionality and efficiency complemented by a entirely fresh design.

Hubspot sales integration enhancements

We have enhanced the system to address a recent occurrence where certain taxes were recorded as distinct sales, leading to inflated sales reporting. Now, you have the choice to blacklist or whitelist such events, ensuring accurate processing.

More details about the process can be found here

Depreciation and Linear Fractional reports new metric updates

This new release will complete the list of metrics by incorporating Unique call and cost per unique call metrics.

Offline conversions Improvements

In certain instances, offline conversion events may encounter failed status due to various reasons. Previously, the method to resend them involved using the retry option individually. Now, we have streamlined this process, allowing for the simultaneous resend of all events. 

See the “How to re-send failed events in Bulk” section of this document.

Hyros Chrome extension Improvements

The most recent update focuses on improving the performance of the Hyros Chrome extension for Facebook. Particularly, users can expect faster report generation within their ads account.

Net profit metric Update

The net profit metric has been revised to provide greater clarity when it comes to profit we make. Going forward, we have the flexibility to customize the display of net profit according to the specific funnel type.
To configure the account in alignment with the type funnel you’re using, navigate to the Settings , specifically under True Tracking, and click Configure where you see Net Profit Configuration.

Reporting updates

The reporting area has been revamped, featuring an enhanced design and an improved user experience. 

Now, First Click, Last Click, Scientific, Depreciation, and Linear Fractional reports are consolidated into a unified location known as Ads Performance Report.