Troubleshooting Iframes and Missing Leads

This documentation can be technical for some users, and please take in mind it may only be relevant if you are noticing that Hyros is missing some or all of your leads. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please reach out to our support team with your page URL where the form

Troubleshooting Lead Tracking

Inside your Hyros reports, you will notice 2 different columns labelled “Leads” and “New Leads”. Here is what both of these stats mean: New Leads = Number of unique leads that opted in for the first time ever during the pre-determined timeframe set for the report. If they use multiple emails throughout their journey, as

Why Does My Facebook Token Expire?

If you are reading this, you have likely seen a message upon logging into Hyros telling you that your Facebook token has expired. Before explaining what this means, please follow the prompts as quickly as possible in order to re-validate your token. This will essentially re-integrate Facebook with Hyros, which only takes a few seconds

Linked-In Ads

Video Guide: Hyros tracking parameter: ?lnk_id= (You will need to find the campaign ID and paste it after the “=” as shown in the video) Lead Gen Ads Optional Steps: Please take into account LinkedIn ad reports use Universal Time (UTC) which may affect the way in which our journey data is displayed.

Adding Facebook Parameters Without Resetting Social Proof

WARNING: This is NOT a guaranteed workaround. Facebook can behave unpredictably, but based on our experience so far this should allow you to add parameters without resetting social proof. Please test on an ad first before moving forward with this. The benefits of tracking correctly should far outweigh that of engagement, so for this reason

Tracking Call Payments and Appointment Setters Correctly

How Call Tracking Works: There are 3 typical call payment workflows that you may need to follow depending on how you process payments: Tracking Calls from Appointment Setters Please see THIS GUIDE to send calls via zapier. Blacklisting (IP, Email, Phone and URLs) and Disabling Origin Lead Assignation First, we highly recommend ensuring that the

Testing Your Webinar Tracking

Perform This Full Test To Confirm You Tracking Is Working Properly for your Webinar Funnel. Video Guide (Use this with the time stamps in the written guide below.) Time Stamped Written Guide Pre Test Checks (00:13) -Ensure you are integrated with the correct Facebook OR Adword accounts HERE PART 1 : CHECK ADS AND OPT

Testing Your Call Tracking

Perform this test to confirm tracking has been set up correctly for your Sales Call Funnel. Video Guide (Use this with the time stamps in the written guide below.) Written Guide With Video Time Stamps Pre Test Checks (00:08) -Ensure you are integrated with the correct Facebook OR Adwords HERE PART 1 : CHECK ADS

Testing Your Standard Funnel Tracking

Perform Perform this test to ensure Tracking is working correctly for your standard funnel. Please select the funnel type which you would like to test: