Release Notes – 02/28/2023

Update Alert! Chrome extension for Twitter, Stripe updates, API expansion, Attribution by Call


In some cases, Stripe sends sales with a $0 value for a subscription event, which affects how we see the data in the reports. With the latest update, we’ll be able to ignore these events. 

To stop them from being sent to Hyros, just go to the Stripe integration in Hyros and toggle this switch on.

For more details access this document:

Chrome extension for Twitter 

You may now display Hyros tracked data in your Twitter Advertising account with this new release. To utilize the extension on Twitter, simply make sure you have the most recent update (1.19.4).

Hyros API Expansion

 Our public API comes with a few enhancements. Several endpoints have been included and they are as follows: 

For more details on how to set up these new endpoints, follow this guide

Attribution by Call

This new attribution mechanism is helpful for users with Calls funnels where the purchases are secured over the call. 

If the lead interacts with other sources between the call and making a purchase, the credit will by default be given to the last source they interacted with before making a purchase, which is incorrect. 

With attribution by call feature, the credit will be given to the last source interaction just prior to the call.

Full explanation of how it works and how to set up check this link 

Chrome extension for Tik-Tok 

New adjustments have been made to the extension to enhance behavior and interactions with Tik-Tok UI based on the latest changes the platform has recently made. 

Facebook Catalog Campaigns Offline conversions

Several improvements have been made to this type of campaign. As long as you meet the pixel setup requirements in this link, you’ll be able to optimize your ads with your catalog campaigns without any additional steps.

Read-only Sub Users

With the implementation of a new system, Hyros users may now create sub-users with read-only access. These sub users have the ability to run reports, view sales/call data and review account configuration but cannot create or update data and cannot access the tracking script.