Release Notes – 02/14/2023

New Update: Quick reports, BigCommerce, Blacklisting URL’s, Shopify, Chrome extension for Pinterest

Shopify Store Name to Product Tag

This new functionality is very useful when we have more than 1 Shopify store and it is possible to have the same product(s) in several or all stores. 

What this new feature does, it will add the store name to the product tag, which will be more useful to group products into each store’s category. 

To benefit from this new update, you need to go to the Shopify integration and enable the Include Store Name switch.

For more details on this new feature, follow this document

Block Unqualified Calls from being sent as offline conversions 

The process has become easier to stop unqualified calls from being sent back to the Google and Facebook pixel. 

In this document you will find more details on how to stop sending unqualified call events as offline conversions: .

Pinterest Chrome extension

The Chrome extension is now available for Pinterest. With the latest version 1.18.6, you’ll be able to display all your tracked data from Hyors directly in the Pinterest Ads Manager.

Blacklisting URL’s 

We may now block tracking on certain pages using Blacklisting URL’s function. This new feature is extremely useful in cases where the Universal script is added globally across our entire website and we need to block only specific pages.

For more details and use cases, check here .


We will now allow all Hyros users who use our BigCommerce integration to adjust the order state in which they would like Hyros to track a sale.

You may now track any custom state depending on your specific flow if you have custom statuses. You can make adjustments to the sales states inside of your BigCommerce integration. 

For more details on this update, follow this guide: .

Tik-Tok offline conversions

Prior to this update, we were sending all event types with the same conversion name. 

The latest update will allow us to send tracked call and sales events as separate conversions back to the Tik-Tok pixel, which will help us better optimize campaigns on specific events.

Follow this document for more details on how to set it up:

Quick Reports 

Sharing quick report data with your team members just got easier. With the latest update, we can now export quick reports as a PDF file.

Simply go to Print View in the dashboard to export the data.

More information on exporting quick reports as PDF can be found here: .

Metrics Deep Dive

Deep mode is now also available for the following reports: LTV for Sources, Cohort and First Click.