Using HYROS AI Training To Scale Your Facebook Ads

WARNING PLEASE READ: Since this video was created, ai pixel optimization has gone through changes following the IOS updates. You can use this video for reference, however Some things may be different, such as the ability to send conversions to an existing pixel and as a custom conversion. It’s strongly suggested to ensure you read ALL of the up to date information before proceeding, which can be found inside THIS GUIDE.

Feeding your data back to Facebook from HYROS is one of the most effective ways to make your ads MUCH more effective.

Dan Ryder is the head of Media Market Pro , the first agency to become HYROS certified. He has mastered using HYROS to optimize Facebooks Google AI and this video breaks down not only how to set it up but also use it to optimize your ads the right way.


If your interested in talking with Dan and having him set up and run your ads with AI optimization here is a link to his agency.

If you need more technical help setting this up here is the documentation post.