How To Connect Your Google Ads/AdWords account To HYROS

Please follow these 2 steps to set up tracking for your Google ads: Step 1 – Integrate with Google Integrate with the Adwords account you would like to track HERE to complete connecting to Adwords. If you have multiple accounts you will need to connect each of them. NOTE : When connecting HYROS to Google

Facebook Integration Set Up

This guide will help you integrate your Facebook account into Hyros so we can track which ad your leads are coming from. Note 1 : Updating ads will reset the learning phase, may reset engagement, and will require Facebook to review and re-approve your ads. This should not dramatically effect ad performance. The ROI gained/saved

ThriveCart Integration

If you are using Thrivecart checkout follow the directions below 1- Create a webhook using the THRIVECART INTEGRATION HERE 3- Once the integration appears, click “configure”. Then click “get webhook”. 4- Copy the webhook and go to the “SETTINGS” area in your ThriveCart dashboard 5- Go to “API and Webhooks” 5- Click “Add Another Webhook”

Kajabi Integration

If you just have Kajabi checkout pages, then please move straight to Step 2 Step 1 – Install the Universal script If you have Kajabi site pages as well, please also copy the universal script below, then inside Kajabi go to settings -> Site details -> Header Page scripts and paste the script -> click

Samcart Integration

IMPORTANT:Please note that you will only be able to complete the integration if you have the “Scale” plan or higher. If you’re uncertain about your payment plan, you can verify it by checking whether the Notify URL field (min 0:48) is available for selection. This is where you’ll need to add the webhook in order

Clickfunnels Integration

NOTE: Please only use a single webhook. If you have more than one funnel you are tracking, you should use the same webhook for both. Step 1 – Tracking your Funnel / Checkout pages: Step 2 – Add the Webhook To Clickfunnels Create a webhook using the CLICKFUNNELS INTEGRATION HERE Once the integration appears, click