Tik-Tok Shops

To integrate Tik-Tok Shops, follow these easy steps: This will complete the integration of the configuration! If you need assistance or if you encounter any roadblocks along the way, please contact the support team.

Shopify Integration

Use this guide to track your Shopify Store with Hyros using the Shopify “Pixel” feature. This will provide better tracking functionality and an easier setup. Note: Once you have confirmed or upgraded to the appropriate Shopify plan, proceed with the integration steps outlined in this guide to set up your store with Hyros. Step 1

Tracking Hubspot sales

Step 1 – Track your Hubspot pages For your site pages, first copy the Hyros Universal Script here: Then just select the settings icon inside Hubpsot, go to “website” -> “pages”, choose which domain you would like to track and paste the universal script under the site header HTML as shown: Then save any changes.

RevealBot integration

WARNING!!: be advised that if you use RevealBot’s functionalities with Hyros you will do it at your own risk as there could be some delays between integrations at this time. How to integrate Hyros with RevealBot With Revealbot, you can automate ad management tasks, set up flexible rules to optimize and scale ad campaigns. RevealBot

Hyros tracking parameters

In the following guide you will find the distinct UTM parameters used in major advertising platforms and miscellaneous sources like organic traffic. Paid Ad platforms Miscellaneous Ad Sources Organic Traffic

Tracking LeadQuizzes Forms

Follow this guide to ensure Hyros tracks the email entered in a form hosted by LeadQuizzes. 1. Embed the Form to a tracked page If leads are sent to the form immediately from an ad or organic source click this is especially important. In order for Hyros to track the source you will need to

ClickFunnels 2.0 Integration and Page Tracking

Use this guide if you are using the new Clickfunnels 2.0 integration. Please note that this is tracked slightly differently to the original ClickFunnels platform. If you are using the original ClickFunnels platform please see THIS GUIDE instead. Step 1: Connecting the CF 2.0 Integration with Hyros WARNING: This section is specifically to send sales

Ringba Integration

Ringba assigns a new number to users as soon as they land on the tracked funnel, meaning each user will be linked to a unique phone number which we associate with the tracking profile our Universal Script generates. When a sale takes place Ringba sends Hyros a call event including a target number via the

Tracking Survey Sparrow Forms

To track Survey Sparrow forms, we need to send the email to the page that the lead will be immediately redirected to upon completion. Follow these steps to achieve this: 1) Find the survey you want to track and click “edit survey”: 2) In the form builder, go to the final step of the form

Tracking Webflow Sites

First, copy the universal script here: Then, find the site you would like to track in your Webflow workspace and click “settings” as shown here: Inside the site settings, go to “custom code” and paste the universal script as high as possible in the head code section. Save the changes and then publish. This concludes