Release notes – 01/31/2024

Update alert! Custom Lead Stages, Hubspot updates, New metrics, Chrome extension, TikTok offline conversions improvements

New: Custom Lead Stages

Custom Lead Stages provide a valuable method for monitoring particular events that are not natively tracked within the Hyros app. The versatility of this application varies depending on your specific use-case. 

Essentially, Custom Lead Stages enable you to monitor various points in a journey that hold significance to you, beyond just sales or calls.

More about Custom Lead Stages see this guide 

Hide tracking parameters 

The “Hide Tracking Parameters” feature is an intriguing addition that will allow us to hide parameters from the URL. This applies to parameters associated with both Ads and organic sources.

Note that this feature is still in BETA. You can benefit of this update by simply following this document: 

Tracking sales with Hubspot 

The implementation process has been simplified even further when it comes to tracking sales in Hubspot. Whenever we integrate Hubspot we should be able to easily identify the stages that we consider “WON” in our Hubspot account.

To track Hubspot sales, follow this guide

New metrics CTR, CPM and CVR 

We’ve expended our reports by incorporating additional metrics to gain deeper insights: 

CTR Percentage of impressions that generated a click

CPM Cost of your SourceLinks for each 1000 impressions 

CVR Percentage of clicks that generated a sale

Search for orders by External Order ID

Prior to this update, the only way to search for orders was by exporting a report. With the latest improvement, the process has been streamlined, allowing you to directly search for orders using the External Order ID within the reports. 

Simply navigate to the sales details in a report and search for your order from there:

Shipping value and taxes metrics available for Magento

We persist in enhancing the shipping value and taxes metrics within our integration stack, and we are now rolling out updates specifically for the Magento integration.

If you use other integrations and want to see if your system is sending hard costs data, see this guide:

Send TikTok offline conversions to your existing Pixel 

We are expanding our Tik-Tok configuration options and, with this release, we are introducing the possibility to send offline conversions for TikTok in your existing pixel.

Refer to our comprehensive, step-by-step documentation for detailed instructions on its implementation:

Tracking Hubspot calls (Meetings)

We bring you more news for Hubspot and now we can also track call events. The implementation process for tracking calls is straightforward. For more details, refer to this documentation:

New: LTV Forecasting metrics BETA

The LTV Forecasting feature enables you to analyze data by source. Leveraging your historical data, it provides forecasts for potential Lifetime Value (LTV) over 1, 3, and 6-month periods per source. This forecast can be based on either brand new customers exclusively or on all customers, including returning ones.

If you wish to participate as a beta tester for this feature, please get in touch with our onboarding or support team for additional assistance.

Additional information about this new update can be found here

New Chrome extension metrics 

We’ve added a set of metrics to the Chrome extension specifically designed to be extremely useful for E-commerce users.

Following metrics have been added: 

  • Carts 
  • ATC events
  • Purchased carts
  • ATC Rate
  • Cost per ATC