Release notes – 5/22/2023

New updates – Clickfunnels 2.0, Redirection Tracking, Hyros API, Report improvements Redirection Tracking This new feature is very useful when we have pages that do not allow us to add our Universal script to the pages. Normally, if we send traffic from a source to your business and we have a page with missing script, we lose

Release Notes – 05/09/2023

Update alert! Ringba, Phone close forms updates, New metrics Phone Close Forms improvements This new improvement consists of identifying duplicate sales. For example, this update is very useful if you use both phone closing forms and a payment processor. If a sale has already been sent to Hyros via payment processor and also registered via

Release Notes – 04/24/2023

New updates: UX Improvements on Quick Reports, API updates, Ad-Level report Exports, Hyros Setup Extension updates UX Improvements on Quick Reports The UX has been improved. To improve the visibility of all widgets the attribution model can be seen like in the image below: Attribution API Improvements These improvements have been added to the GET

Release Notes – 04/11/2023

New updates: Hyros Chrome extension for LinkedIn, Exporting data improvements, Tracking First and Last name  Hyros Chrome extension for LinkedIn You may now display Hyros tracked data in your LinkedIn Ads manager.  For more details on how to use the extension, please refer to this guide: Exporting data improvements  This new release will allow us

Release Notes – 03/28/2023

UPDATE ALERT: Direct Calendly Integration, Improved URL Rule Customizations and Chrome Extension for Bing. Direct Integration with Calendly We have added a direct integration to optimize Call tracking accuracy for users with Calendly.  This is to be used instead of the default URL rule that we use to track calls. If both are used at

Release Notes – 03/14/2023

API Updates Users can now mark calls as disqualified via the API. Users can now update their existing sales and calls via the API, and mark sales as recurring or refunded. New source link and ad retrieval endpoints have been implemented to export source data from a Hyros account. Improvements have been made to the

Release Notes – 02/28/2023

Update Alert! Chrome extension for Twitter, Stripe updates, API expansion, Attribution by Call Stripe  In some cases, Stripe sends sales with a $0 value for a subscription event, which affects how we see the data in the reports. With the latest update, we’ll be able to ignore these events.  To stop them from being sent

Release Notes – 02/14/2023

New Update: Quick reports, BigCommerce, Blacklisting URL’s, Shopify, Chrome extension for Pinterest Shopify Store Name to Product Tag This new functionality is very useful when we have more than 1 Shopify store and it is possible to have the same product(s) in several or all stores.  What this new feature does, it will add the

Release Notes – 01/31/23

New First Click Reports A new Report mode now labelled “First Click” has been created to work in a similar manner to Last Click Mode, which attributes all sales to the very last click no matter the timeframe, but for the First Click.  This report will allow all users to see their sales data attributed

Release Notes – 01/17/2023

Feature Request Button We now have a feature request button on the left hand side of your dashboard in the Hyros app. Your feedback is extremely important for us, so please submit any feature requests you would like to see on the platform here: Direct Data Imports We have now included a method of directly