Zipify Pages

If some or all of your pages are on Zipify pages, follow the steps here to add the universal script to them. First, copy the universal tracking script below: Then inside your Zipify Pages account go to “settings” and “global scripts”, Click “add new” and to add the script on each section you have available:


To track your Leadpages opt in, first simply copy the code below: Then paste it on in the HEADER of every page involved in your call funnel in lead pages. To do this, when editing a page in lead pages go to the settings area and then ad the code (available below) in the “header

Adjusting Tracking Domains

Why Adjust your Domain? Although Hyros is the best tracking software on the market, our tracking capabilities can still be limited when users utilize anti-tracking software. Issues with this should be rare, but they will vary depending on your unique business and audience. This feature was designed to minimize the damage of anti-tracking software so


NOTE: Depending on what you want to achieve, follow the relevant guidelines. If you only use Gohighlevel pages, refer to the appropriate section. If you only use calendars, refer to the section on how to track calls. GoHighLevel Integration Tracking without integration

Google Tag Manager

First, please note: On most occasions, the tracking scripts may be placed in your Google tag manager without issue. However, for the most accurate tracking, we recommend adding the scripts directly inside the header of each page. It is optimal to place the scripts at the VERY top of your load order. Step 1 –


Important! Please note that there are two types of Unbounce pages: AMP pages and non-AMP pages. At this time, Unbounce does not allow AMP pages to be tracked, only Non-AMP pages. If you are not sure what type of pages you are using, please contact your dedicated onboarding agent or inApp support. Tracking your Unbounce


Written Guide: 1. First, please copy the universal script below: 2. Inside Uscreen, go to “customization”. Then on your live theme, go to “advanced” and select “code snippet” from the lockdown. 3. Paste the universal script inside the “Head Code Snippet” and click save. 4. Test your pages to make sure they are tracking correctly

Stealth Seminar

Written Guide: First, make sure you copy the Universal script here: Then go inside your Stealth Seminar account and do the following: Click Edit for the webinar you want to track. Click Miscellaneous top open the settings menu. Click Edit on the “Tracking Code Setup” setting. Paste the Uni script into the Header Tracking Code for each page you want to track. Click Save to


Written Guide: 1. Select the quiz you want to track, then click “Edit” -> “Configure” -> “External Scripts”. 2. Copy the script inside your account as shown in the video, or you can copy the script from here: 3. Back inside Outgrow, paste the universal script, making sure to remove the <script></script> tags. Then click

Tracking Convertri Pages

Step 1 – Copy the Universal Script below: Step 2 – Add the script inside Convertri To add the script account-wide (aka on ALL funnels created inside Convertri), then go to account -> scripts -> select “Add account Script” If you only want to track a single funnel in your account, then instead of going