Creating Disregard Source Rules

Disregard sources are a way to make sure important source clicks are not overshadowed by assisting clicks. Setting a source as a DISREGARD SOURCE tells HYROS to not attribute a sale to a source if another source was clicked 72 hours (by default) prior to the disregard source. Here Are Two Examples Example A If

Organizing Mass Data

Depending on how many ads, product and traffic sources you have you may need to organize HYROS by using our group layer feature. The most basic feature is to organize your Facebook assets by their campaigns by using the Category group. You can also organize your sources by their traffic source by using the TRAFFIC

Tracking Miscellaneous Ad Sources

To track any misc ad source that isn’t covered by a direct integration, simply ad a source link parameter with the name of the source you would like to track to the end of a URL. For example, if you want to track “Pinterest” and my ad link “” then just ad “?sl=pinterest” to “”.

URL Rules

URL rules are an easy create way to create sources, sales or action tags passively if the visiting URLs have distinct words or snippets in the URL. WARNING: If you’re tracking link clicks sending traffic to your landing page, the best option is to track via THIS GUIDE. This allows you to track more granularly

Scientific Mode

Scientific mode is a mode of tracking that allows you to attribute sales to your first click or last click depending on a time frame. This works VERY well for ad tracking for funnels that have a long click to sale time with multiple interactions. These would usually be webinar and sales call funnels. How

Last Click Tracking Mode

Last Click tracking is the simplest way to track in HYROS and suggested for most businesses. It is the default setting of the REPORT BOARD. Please note that attribution models are not locked in and can be swapped at any time. How Last Click Tracking Works Last click tracking works by attaching a sale to

How To “Deep Dive” Into Your Sales and Lead Data

This guide will show you how to dive deeply into your ad reports and find the small critical details of your customer’s behaviour. Deep Diving 101 When you have loaded up a report in the columns area you will see this icon for every source in the sales column. Clicking it will take you into

Using Tags To Track Customers and Viewing their Journey

This guide will show you how to use tags to organize and track your customers’ journeys. What Are Tags And How Are They Used At HYROS we track your customers using 3 different tags. It is important that you understand the difference between these tags because they all represent very different things. There is now