Release Notes – 10/10/23

Subscription Metrics now in Beta Subscription metrics are now available in beta mode. Please note it will only be live for pre-selected users, and will be rolled out slowly following testing and feedback. If you are interested in being a beta tester of this feature please reach out to the onboarding or support team for

Release Notes – 09/27/2023

New updates: Chrome extension improvements, Snapchat conversions deduplication, Event ID for Google Hyros Chrome Extension Improvements  The View on Hyros button is now available in TikTok, Bing, Twitter and Pinterest ad managers. This button assists in generating a report in Hyros, similar to the report you have in your ad account using the Chrome extension.

Release Notes – 09/13/2023

Update alert! Hyros Chrome Extension updates, Tik-Tok offline conversions, Apiary, Hyros webhooks Hyros Chrome Extension (HCE) Error Reporting  Exciting news regarding our Chrome Extension! We’ve just introduced a significant update that includes a fresh new feature.  With this enhancement, users can conveniently report any inconsistencies with the extension directly from within the extension interface. All

Release Notes – 08/30/2023

New updates:  TikTok offline conversions updates, CallRail impromvements, Analytic suite Offline conversions deduplication for TikTok Sending offline conversion events straight to your established pixel from your TikTok account is now achievable.  This new update helps us to deduplicate the events properly when they are sent to your existing pixel, leading in accurate optimization process. Based

Release Notes – 08/16/2023

New updates: Shopify updates, Facebok Offline conversios improvements, Universal tracking script enhancements Facebook AI pixel enhancements Prior to this update, events were sent once an hour. With the implementation of this update, we will now deliver events back to the pixel in real time, resulting in enhanced event quality and improved accuracy in matching conversions.

Release Notes – 08/01/2023

Custom Tracking Parameters You can now add additional custom tracking parameters, to add extra UTM parameters that Hyros will read when tracking your ads, in addition to the default ones. This may be usefulif you have already setup ad tracking with the relevant IDs and want to simply have Hyros track using your existing UTMs. 

Release notes – 07/19/2023

New updates: Analytics Suite, Clickfunnels updates, Copecart, Data Import improvements Analytics Suite  The new Analytic suite is now live, offering remarkably powerful insights and granting access to a wide array of advanced reports. Learn more about what each report offers: Ad Level Report: with Ad Level reporting, you can analyze your data at the ad

Release Notes – 7/05/2023

Updates Alert! Oncehub Integration, Copercat improvements, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, Acuity updates, First Visit Metric, Refund adjustments OnceHub Integration This new release brings a new dedicated integration for Oncehub that will allow us to track booked calls. To track your calls booked with Oncehub, please follow this guide:  Shopify Improvements  Prior to this update,

Release Notes – 06/23/2023

Update alert: Shopify Tracking Improvements, Calendly updates, New API functionality, WooCommerce Shopify Tracking Improvements Hyros has implemented several updates to enhance the precision of tracking Shopify users by utilizing the information collected from them. One potential scenario involves users who have disabled all trackers/scripts through Ad Blockers.  Hyros will now be able to directly get

Release Notes – 06/07/2023

New updates! Chrome extension updates, GDS, Whitelisting Calls Chrome extension updates Troubleshooting Chrome extension just got easier. We implemented the report ID in the extension with this release, which will help us recreate the exact same report and speed up the troubleshooting process.  For any issues with your reporting, you can now send the support team