Adding Facebook Parameters Without Resetting Social Proof

WARNING: This is NOT a guaranteed workaround. Facebook can behave unpredictably, but based on our experience so far this should allow you to add parameters without resetting social proof. Please test on an ad first before moving forward with this. The benefits of tracking correctly should far outweigh that of engagement, so for this reason

Madgicx Integration

Written Guide This integration is made on Madgicx’s platform, so we advise reading their documentation HERE for more information. However, the integration process is very straightforward: Step 1 – Copy the API Key from your Hyros account. Step 2 – Inside your Madgicx account, go to your settings and select the ad account you want

Tracking with ManyChat

Hyros allows you to track leads and calls that are made inside ManyChat. Select the appropriate workflow depending on your ManyChat flow and what you’re trying to track below. If these do not apply to you, then please let the support team know and we’ll help you clarify how to track with manychat. Automation that

Tracking Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Process After Facebook is integrated successfully, go to your Facebook integration inside Hyros then click on the “Leads Ads” tab. You should see a list of Facebook pages that you can subscribe to. IF you don’t see any pages, please check the following: 1. Make sure you have admin access to

Google AUTOMATIC Set-Up Guide

Google Ads AUTOMATIC Set-Up Guide Important! If you run Shopping ads, please note that Google’s automatic setup does not cover this type of ads. For Shopping ads we use a different type of parameter and the setup has to be done manually at the Ad group level. Please make sure to use this parameter: {lpurl}&gc_id={campaignId}&h_ad_id={creative}

How To Connect Your Google Ads/AdWords account To HYROS

Please follow these 2 steps to set up tracking for your Google ads: Step 1 – Integrate with Google Integrate with the Adwords account you would like to track HERE to complete connecting to Adwords. If you have multiple accounts you will need to connect each of them. NOTE : When connecting HYROS to Google

Facebook Integration Set Up

This guide will help you integrate your Facebook account into Hyros so we can track which ad your leads are coming from. Note 1 : Updating ads will reset the learning phase, may reset engagement, and will require Facebook to review and re-approve your ads. This should not dramatically effect ad performance. The ROI gained/saved