Hyros Direct Call Tracking

Please note that this is an early beta feature. If you wish to be a beta tester please reach out to the support team so we can activate this for your account. Hyros supports both Local and Toll-Free numbers, since the subscription structure for each is different an alert will pop-up when a Toll-Free number

SavvyCal Call Tracking

Follow this guide to track calls with SavvyCal. First of all, please copy this universal script and ensure it is in he <head></head> code of all of your funnel pages, including the thank you page that you direct leads to AFTER they book a call: Next, inside SavvyCal go to the link editor. Inside Settings


If you wish to track the email that is entered into the Typeform, simply follow these steps: Step 1 Go to Projects inside your Involve.me account (step 1), select the form you want to track (step 2), and then click Edit (step 3). 2. Inside the form, go to the page where you collect the

SalesForce Integration

Note: When you get to the mapping configuration in the SalesForce setup (starting at minute 1:11), the default settings for processing orders, leads and refunds can be selected as shown below: You can also toggle on “status check for valid events” if you would like to process events that have a specific value in a

WaveApps Integration

1. Go into settings -> integrations -> select the WaveApps Integration. 2. Click “Create Integration” and create a name for the integration, such as “`WaveApps”. 4. Log in to Waveapps using your credentials and this will complete the Waveapps integration.

Tracking Pinterest Ads

Note: Do you already use the TripleWhale URL parameters? You can go directly to the TripleWhale section at the end of this article. For Catalog campaigns ONLY: Under ad details insert {unescapedlpurl}&pnt_id={adgroupid} in the “Third Party Tracking” field as shown below: For any other campaign type, please follow the video guide below: Hyros UTM Tracking

Digistore24 Integration

Step 1 – Create the integration inside Hyros 1. Go into settings -> integrations -> select the Digistore24 Integration. 2. Click “Create Integration”. 3. Create a name for the integration, such as “`Digistore24”. Step 2 – Add the Webhook 1. Go to your Digistore integration inside HYROS and click “configure”. 2. Click Edit and copy the

Tracking Embedded Hubspot Forms

Main Setup Guide This will only work with embedded Hubspot forms. Optional Advanced Step – Optimizing Hubspot Form Tracking Why is this necessary? Although the above steps allow Hyros to track lead opt-ins made via Hubspot forms accurately most of the time, Hubspot forms can prove to be occasionally unreliable. This means in some instances

Paperform Tracking

Tracking customer emails entered on paperform can be achieved in just 2 steps: 1 – Copy the universal Script below: 2 – When editing your form in Paperform, go to “Configure” then “Analytics”. Paste the universal script in the field labelled “Page load-scripts” as shown here: Repeat this with any form you would like to


CheckoutChamp has its own native Hyros integration, which can be set up in a few easy steps: Step 1: Copy the API key from your Hyros Account Step 2: Find the Hyros plug-in inside admin -> plugins -> analytics and reporting Step 3: Add the API key when prompted Moving forward you will now be