Tracking your E-com store sales

This Guide will show you how to track your sales from your E-Commerce store.


Do you use multiple payment software to collect your sales?

If you are an E-com user, you should just follow this guide to track your sales. Search below for the system you use and follow the guide to integrate your store to track sales.


Adjust your Custom Sales Status

By default Hyros is using the “awaiting fulfilment” status to register your orders inside Big-commerce as sales in Hyros. This is the default status inside of Big-commerce for orders. If your orders use this status you can ignore this step.

This step is specifically for any businesses who have customized the statuses of their orders inside Big-commerce, or for whatever reason they do not use the “awaiting fulfilment” status when orders are paid for.

In this case, you can set a custom status here depending on your unique flow:

We suggest using the status that signifies that an order has been paid. At this stage we will be able to read the order inside Hyros providing it reaches the same status inside of Big-commerce.

This concludes the setup for Big-commerce



Also use Paypal to collect sales in your Shopify store?

Follow the steps below to set up tracking for your Paypal account. 


If for some reason you can not complete any of the below steps, you will still be tracking Paypal sales by default, but please keep in mind that when a lead purchases with a unique Paypal email that has not been tracked by Hyros on a previous page, we will not be able to track the sale back to the correct ad or origin email.

This means we can not guarantee 100% tracking accuracy for Paypal sales in these cases, because we rely on the PayPal email matching exactly with a previously tracked email. The steps below are intended to resolve this issue.

1. Enable auto return 

PayPal allows configuring the URL where the user will be redirected once finished the checkout.

Account Settings >> Website payments >> Website preferences

2. Enable payment data transfer

 Enable this setting so Paypal sends the transaction data to the return URL set in the previous step. This will include the transaction id, which we will use to track the sale back to the correct lead.

You can enable it here:

3. Use the correct payment buttons

Take in mind that this tracking method will ONLY work when you are using these buttons for Paypal payments, any other buttons will not work:

Once this is done, PayPal will send the transaction ID (labelled “tx” in the URL as shown in the screenshot below) to the thank you page.

Our tracking script will grab this tx and associate it with the click, so that when we receive the PayPal sale we can use this information to track the sale back to the correct lead in the case that the PayPal email is not the same as an email that we previously tracked in their journey, despite the fact we can not track the PayPal checkout page.

This concludes the setup.


If you’re using Squarespace, we have one of the following options to track your sales: 

  1. The first option is to log into your Hyros account, check Settings->Integrations and see if you use one of the payment processors listed there. If you see your system, follow this doc Sales tracking-> Payment processor.
  2. If you don’t see your system as described above, the second option is to use Zapier. If you see your system listed here, you can easily track your sales using Zapier.
  3. If none of the above options is suitable for you, we have as a third option the API configuration. For more details, please consult with inapp support.


Do you use other E-com systems?

Please contact the in-app support for further assistance in this process.