Option 1 – Tracking your Sales via Payment Processors

This step will involve integrating directly with your payment processor or checkout to allow us to receive sales directly from them.


Avoid Duplicate Sales!

Here you may have an option to integrate at different levels, particularly:

1) Checkout Software
2) Payment Processor Software

Please only integrate with one of these, if you integrate with both a checkout software and a payment processor software, then the same sale will be sent to us from both.

You can integrate with multiple softwares at the same level, providing the same sale does not go through both softwares. For example integrating with both Stripe and Paypal (both payment processors) is fine.

Below you will see guides for integrating with payment processors, and then checkouts. Please choose one.
If available for your stack, normally integrating your payment processor is best unless stated otherwise!



Using Thrivecart Checkouts?

Although normally we recommend integrating at processor level, we suggest in this case integrating with your Thrivecart checkout instead. This will ensure Paypal sales are tracked accurately along with payments from any other processor.

Step 1 – Enabling transaction ID for Optimized Tracking Accuracy

Follow the steps below to enable Paypal to pass on a transaction ID to the thank you page. This will enable Hyros to track as accurately as possible:

Enable auto return and add your redirect / thank you page URL

Enable auto return and add your redirect / thank you page URL

You can do this in account Settings >> website payments >> website preferences 

Enable payment data transfer

Enable payment data transfer

This will allow you to pass on the transaction ID for tracking

You MUST use one of these buttons for this to work

You MUST use one of these buttons for this to work

Step 2: Integrate with Paypal

Go to the Paypal Webhook integration settings HERE and follow the prompts, you’ll need to enter your credentials to create the integration.


Log into Hyros, go to Settings, Integrations and search for the Stripe integration (or click HERE), and click on Configure. Then click “create integrations” and follow the prompts to integrate.

Click here and follow the prompts

Click here and follow the prompts

Sales should not be coming in from Stripe moving forward, repeat these steps for any other stripe accounts you have.


Click HERE and follow the instructions. You will need to log into Gocardless when prompted.

When you have finished, we recommend running a test payment to confirm that the sale is tracked in Hyros.


Please follow the steps in the video to integrate with NMI:


Sales without any Products associated in NMI

In the case that no product inside NMI is assigned to the sale, a product will be created with the generic name “NMI Integration Generic Product” inside Hyros.


To connect Authorize.net to Hyros follow the steps below.

  1. Inside your Hyros integration settings, go to the Authorize.net integration HERE.
  2. Now follow the prompts given to set up the integration in Hyros. You will need to find the following from your authorize.net account:
    API Login ID
    Transaction Key
  3. Go to “Account” -> “Settings” -> “API Credentials & Keys” inside Authorize.net to find these, and then use them to create the Hyros integration
  4. Once the integration is created, copy the webhook and then go back to your Authorize.net account. Select “settings” -> “webhooks” -> “Add endpoint”:
Go to settings

Go to settings

Go to "API Credentials & Keys"

Go to “API Credentials & Keys”

Here you will be able to copy the API login and Transaction Key for the Hyros integration

Once integrated with Authorize.net, click "Get Webhook"

Once integrated with Authorize.net, click “Get Webhook”

Copy the webhook for the next step

Back in authorize.net settings, click "webhooks"

Back in authorize.net settings, click “webhooks”

Click "Add Endpoint"

Click “Add Endpoint”

Add the following information

Add the following information

Once saved, the setup should be complete


When saving the webhook if the error message appears “Error: please integrate a signature key from the merchant/partner interface to create a new webhook”

Go to settings -> API Credentials & Keys as shown above and then create a new Signature key here:

Sales not coming into Hyros?

Please make sure sales are coming into authorize.net with an email attached, otherwise the sale will not be sent into Hyros correctly.

If you’re still having issues, please contact in-app support.