Tracking Hubspot Site Pages

This documentation is just for the purposes of tracking your site pages hosted on htHubspot. This will not necessarily enable you to track any embedded Hubspot forms on your site. At this moment in time, we can only track embedded Hubspot marketing forms directly, which can be setup following this guide. For your site pages,

Stripe Integration

To connect your Stripe account in Hyros, follow these steps. Log into Hyros, go to Settings -> Integrations, search for Stripe integration, and click on Configure. Next, you need to click on the Create integration button and you need to add you credentials. That’s all. Note: There is no limit to integrating multiple Stripe accounts.


Click HERE and follow the instructions. You will need to log into Gocardless when prompted. When you have finished, we recommend running a test payment to confirm that the sale is tracked in hyros.

Funnelish for Clickfunnels

Step 1 – Track your Funnelish pages For your site pages, first copy the Hyros Universal Script here: Once you have copied the code, go to your funnel you want to track and click Settings: Step 2 – Create your Funnelish automation Funnelish have a direct integration on their platform, please follow their guide here.

WooCommerce Integration

IF YOU WANT TO TRACK RECURRING SALES : Please be aware that WooCommerce does not currently send recurring sales into Hyros by default. We currently track recurring sales for WooCommerce users who also use the YITH Subscription plugin. If you are using a different plugin for recurring sales, please contact support and we can try

Pabbly Integration Guide

Pabbly allows us to connect with other platforms acting as a communication bridge between Hyros and several programs we do not have a native integration for yet, the process is quite simple and is done from Pabbly Connect. Step 1 – Ensure your software does not already integrate with Hyros Most of the time Hyros

Tracking Twitter Ads

Please follow this guide to track any call to action links on your Twitter Ads. Video Guide: Please copy the Hyros Tracking Parameter here and place it at the end of your call to action links with the ad group ID attached in front of the “=” symbol: ?twt_id= This completes the setup for Twitter.

Bing Ads Integration

This document will guide you through the process of integrating your Bing ads with Hyros. This completes the process! Please contact your Onboarding Analyst if you have any questions.

Tracking Swipe Pages

To track any funnel pages inside of SwipePages, first copy the universal script below: Then select the landing page you would like to track and go to “settings”. Find the “tracking scripts” dropdown and past the universal script in the head section as shown below:   Repeat this with all Swipe Pages funnel pages that

Hyros Webhooks

Important! Please keep in mind that creating the webhooks requires development skills. The analyst team is unable to assist you in creating webhooks as they do not have development skills. With Hyros Webhooks we are able to send all tracked data to any system that has the necessary permissions to process this type of data.